Content Marketing Strategist - My writing focuses on education, with a specialization in ADHD and foreign language learning. I've also written extensively about water management & sanitation.

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Gonzo derby 200x200 article

What Do Gonzo Journalism and the Kentucky Derby Have in Common?

Writing about the festivities surrounding the storied Kentucky Derby, a dynamic reporter introduced a new kind of writing to America: gonzo journalism.

Learning chinese 175x175 article

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Learning Chinese

If you are already fluent in English, learning Chinese may open up many professional possibilities. Ask yourself these questions before you start your studies.

Reading language learning thumbnail article

Why Every Student Needs Extensive Reading for Language Learning

Encourage your students to read extensively and they will improve both their reading comprehension and their writing abilities - two critical aspects of language mastery.

Adhd motivation thumbnail 200x200 article

Motivate Your ADHD Child by Recognizing Their Achievements

Use these techniques to help your ADHD child overcome frustration and focus on achievement.

Adhd intern thumbnail article

Are Internships the Right Experience for an ADHD Kid?

With your guidance, an internship can teach your ADHD child real-world job skills, and be an invaluable first step toward a successful career.

Adhd roommate thumbnail 250x250 article

How to Prepare Your ADHD Child for Having a College Roommate

Careful planning will help your ADHD child ease more confidently into a positive relationship with their new roommate.

Bilingual french books hero article

A Diverse Dozen: 12 Bilingual French-English Books to Try Now

Bilingual French-English books offer something for learners at every level. Here are a diverse dozen to try, in several different genres.

Credit trans hero portfolio article

Enrolling in College? Ask These Questions About Their Credit Transfer Policy First

These questions will help you find the answers you need to better navigate the credit transfer process.

Alt teach cert hero 700x700 article

Advice to Educators Pursuing an Alternative Teacher Certification

If you're taking a non-traditional path to your classroom career, consider these suggestions for a successful transition.

World hero article

How to Know if Becoming a Foreign Language Teacher Is Right for You

Here are several considerations to help you decide if you should pursue a career as a foreign language teacher - no matter where you are on your career path.

Going off autopilot thumbnail article

Going off Autopilot: How to Make Authentic Social Media Connections

Taking back manual control of our social media accounts can help us make authentic social media connections.

Girl sleeping header 1200x800 article

Here's How Your ADHD Child Will Finally Get the Rest They Need

A multi-faceted approach will help your ADHD child get the rest they need to perform well academically.

Assembling plastic bricks 769x539 article

Transforming Waste into Assets

Innovations transform waste into fuel, fertilizer, and even houses that can withstand monsoons.

J adams sharif 082814 cci org 202x202 article

Dogs and Veterans Day

For hundreds of years, dogs have served beside soldiers. Now they help them heal after the war is over.

Lifestraw thumbnail article

New Waves in Water Management

The magnitude of India’s water crisis eclipses that of most other countries.